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by | Aug 4, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

What do you get from IT Support?


Much has changed in IT support. Many think of ‘support’ in the form of “oh no, my computer is not turning on.”

Whilst ‘Break fix’ work is still very much a requirement of an IT provider, it’s not just when a computer dies that you should be calling.

With IT playing such a critical role in today business landscape, the possibilities for issue are great…..

Hardware can of course break, but this happens much less frequently with new systems. Instead, other factors are lurking to cause pain:

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Hardware faults, Environmental / building issues, Hackers, Viruses, Phishing…. and many more.

Businesses need protection to ensure a reliable and secure system…. and it is down to IT providers to guide customers to the right technology and solutions.
Monitoring, reporting, log analysis and support are the fundamentals of Managed IT Support providers.

Our agents remotely monitor endpoints to ensure correct updates, patching, security, scanning and hardware health…. and can even take note of system make, model, and warranty status.Asset Register

If your IT provider cannot provide you with an asset register… how can they be monitoring and proactively ensuring system health? Chances are, they are providing a reactive service ready for when your computer dies…. Not a proactive monitoring service ensuring best compliance, health and reliability.

Ask your current provider for an asset register report…. and see the results. We offer a FREE 20 day trial for many of our solutions. Talk to us today.