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Managed Business Anti-Virus

Managed Business Anti-Virus will keep your workplace PCs secure from internet nasties.


of computers are infected with malware


of email is Spam!


contain a hyperlink to malicious code


increase in targeted attacks in 2014 vs 2013

Last year, there was a 91% increase in targeted attacks. What is more worrying is that most businesses don’t realise for several months! Modern viruses and Malware lay in wait, silently sending your confidential data across the internet. Secure your business workstations with Anti-Virus today.

Endpoint Protection provides unrivalled security, blazing performance and smarter management across both physical and virtual machines to protect against mass malware, targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats without compromising productivity. The system goes beyond traditional Anti-Virus and links with Firewall and Internet protection to ensure your workstations and data are as safe as possible.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Intrusion prevention and firewall blocks malware as it travels over the network. Your systems are kept safe before the infection can take hold.
  • Unique security technologies from the largest civilian intelligence network in the world. We don’t use cheap alternatives like some other suppliers who use out of date detection techniques to secure your data.
  • Support for Windows, Macs and Linux across physical and virtual environments.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts along with reporting of system infections. Coupled with our IT Support contracts you’ll get responsive notifications should a system be compromised.  – Call us for a Free Trial today.

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