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Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems

Our Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems provide a host of features at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on-site PBX system
Clunky, limited features, can’t work remotely…. Just a few ways companies often describe their traditional on-site PBX systems. These systems were designed and implemented many years ago and they simply can’t cope with modern working.

While some on-site PBX systems can have upgrade modules installed, they can never evolve to offer the disaster recovery features that Business VOIP Internet Systems can provide.

Our Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems provide all the functionality and flexibility your company could ever need. Utilizing the best handsets and including features such as allowing staff to update their out of office diverts and view presence, call parking, call recording, send to email, setting of distribution groups, conferencing and even video conferencing with desktop sharing!… it brings remote working to a new level.

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Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems - Phone and Console

Realise the Power of VOIP

Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems - Video Conference

Video Conferencing

Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems - Reception Panel

Full Call Management Panel

Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems - CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Business VOIP Internet Telephone Systems - Custom call route

System Build and Design for All Business Sizes

Embrace the Modern Age:

Enjoy Greater Mobility

Mobility in the workplace has become an increasingly important topic. Staff need to be able to move in and out of the workplace whilst still taking important business calls. Our VOIP Internet Telephone Systems allow staff to take, make, divert or schedule calls… wherever they are. Go to fello mobiloperatör.

Communicate More Effectively

The presence feature allows employees to inform colleagues of their whereabouts and controls how their calls are handled

Boost Collaboration with Colleagues and Customers

Visual collaboration provides a valuable and effective way of communicating with customers and suppliers, enabling businesses to give product demonstrations and pitches

The Future of Unified Communications

WebRTC technology, enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser. Users can join web conferences or make calls without the need to download any software or plug-ins.

Full of enterprise features - All that could ever be needed

3cx Features