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Laptop and Desktop Encryption

Protect your sensitive business information from exploit.
Lost laptop? stolen computer? With device encryption, it doesn’t matter.

People work on the move, laptops, tablets, phones…. they’re very convenient… but what happens if these devices are lost or stolen

The amount of information that can be stored on just a single laptop or computer is astonishing. Consider how many years of email is in Outlook, how many documents are on your desktop and how many employee or HR files are pending filing into a folder in ‘My Documents’.

If your business holds personal data… and theft or loss of devices are on the rise… how can we minimize the impact of this?

Device encryption is a very simple way to ensure a stolen device is just a lump of metal. No way to bypass, no way to unlock. The data cannot be used and your business can simply order replacement hardware.

In the past, device encryption has been tricky. What if staff forget their password? What if an employee is let go? What stops staff copying information onto USB? – This is all managed and controlled from our secure cloud platform.

Protect yourself and your business from damage and ensure thieves cannot use your devices against you.

Balancing Collaboration and Security

Keeping Your Private Data Secure

Protect Your Data with Device Encryption

Cloud Managed Encryption

Multiple Key-Recovery Options.

Very flexible and easy to use

USB and CD blocking to prevent data loss