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Business IT Support in Reading

We specialise in providing proactive, consultancy lead, IT Support in Reading and Berkshire. Finding out what is wrong when it is not working as it should is tricky. Perhaps you have in-house IT Support, perhaps you have no IT Support. Whatever the size or set-up or your company we can help…. Call us today for a free consultation and system check-up – 01183 840 015

Our award winning help-desk provides local businesses with a friendly, proactive IT support team. We can assist whatever the problem, often by remotely connecting to route out the cause of the issue… and if not, we’ll have an engineer attend site to fix it. We are a local company proving proactive 24/7 IT Support to businesses in Reading and Berkshire – Call us today to see how we can help.

IT Support in Reading - Project Management

IT Consultancy and Project Management

Upcoming project or system development?


We will manage this end to end. From consultation with 3rd parties and integrating platforms right through to end user support and training. We are your on-call IT Support team and project consultants; ready to help your staff or assist your in-house administrators to bring the necessary resources.

IT Support in Reading - Unlimited Support Calls

Unlimited Support Calls

We don’t charge per ticket or minute! This leads to staff having to work around issues and ultimately becoming less productive. Our support calls are inclusive in our maintenance and support contracts. You will get the reassurance of knowing, if you have a problem, you won’t be penalised with a huge support bill.

IT Support in Reading - System Development and Design

Proactive Support and System Development

We can offer system development plans. From idea, to initial concept, to design, build and deployment. We have got it covered.



Our experienced staff have worked on projects of all sizes; large scale WiFi role outs, VOIP Telephony systems, countrywide staged PC installs, and more.

Whatever the project we can scale to suit your needs.

What do we get?

Managed Service
We proactively monitor and mange your IT. Our service desk checks for updates, security releases, Anti-Virus alerts and hardware issues to ensure your systems are running at top performance

Proactive Monitoring
Ensuring your system is running as it should be 24/7. You need your system to always work and outages don’t just happen between 9 and 5! We offer 24/7 monitoring, to pick up on an outage as soon as it happens.

Account Manager
We assign experienced account managers to give our customers a central point to call. Your account manager will work with you to discuss new technology, upcoming changes, and projects such as office moves.

Help Desk
Guiding your staff to the IT Support they need…. and have been waiting for. We often know of major problems before they are reported by customers. This allows for faster response times and informative updates for system fixes.

Why choose us?

We have been working in the IT support and consultancy sector for the past 12 years. Over that time, computers, businesses and applications have changed vastly. Hardware now rarely breaks, applications are all moving to the cloud and businesses cannot work without a live system!. – There is no paper fallback!

Traditional IT support is not enough. Using “Dave down the road because he has a computer” for support of your critical applications simply does not provide the security that is needed. Malware, Viruses, Hackers, and Hardware failure…. so many things, all waiting to take down your system. When it counts, you need to be confident in your provider.

A proactive rather than reactive approach is critical to providing good, consultancy lead, IT support. We employ highly qualified security and system specialists who have full time roles keeping up with trends, new updates and security issues and releases…and in turn, passing these onto your business to ensure your important data is protected.

Even if you have a great relationship with “Dave”. You will know when the time is right to move to the next level and ensure your business is protected. Too many companies offer IT support which is reactive…. put yours to the test with our FREE assessment of your business continuity setup


You will be pleasantly surprised by our costs….

We have engineers across the country but keep costs to a minimum by utilising cloud technology for our systems. We don’t need expensive offices in London and in turn, pass this saving onto you – Call us today

How long to get setup?

Each customer is unique but we can often start the on-boarding process within the same week when required.

The on-boarding process is very simple:

  1. We assign an engineer to visit your offices and assess they system
  2. We build a visual diagram of the network and your assets
  3. We report on recommendations, upgrades and enhancements and discuss these with you.

Following this, we’ll visit as required to ensure your system is working correctly and you’re getting the best from it.

I've had a bad experience with IT Support providers... How are you different?

This is quite a common tale. Customers who have been burnt by IT Support companies and don’t know where to turn.

It is not something we can just say “We wont do that”. (although we won’t). IT Consultancy is a lot about trust. You will find we offer good pricing, value for money and prompt support. We work closely with clients to strengthen our trust relationship over time.

As a testament to our quality assurance, we don’t lock customers into long term contracts. 30 days notice is all that is required to show how sure we are.

We have offices throughout the country... but FibreFly are mainly based in the south?


Our core consultants are southern based but often work across the country. We have long standing partnerships with country wide IT support engineers (including Ireland) and from our warehouse in Hampshire we are able to stage countrywide, large scale, system deployments.

We have managed projects ranging from a 30 site, 500 user VOIP telephony system role-out to our Grandma’s PC upgrade!.. and everything in between.