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Do we still need an onsite server?

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Information

Onsite Servers: Do we still need them?

Office space, especially in London, is always in high demand. With many commercial buildings charging per sq ft a simple IT and comms room can quickly add up in price…. and for what? To store a few servers, monitors, old PCs and a host of networking equipment!….. does this look familiar???

Comms Room

Even the smallest of rooms with a single rack needs around 6ft by 6ft for it to be workable. Based on average London rates this area in rent alone may cost hundreds of pounds per month. So, what if we could remove this? What else could you do with this space? Another desk? a meeting room? a staff shower?

Floorspace aside; Onsite servers often bring a host of other issues, with the need to ensure uptime, backup, power, cooling! Of course, these issues can be overcome… but what if there was a better solution……

Amazons Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, Office 365; The options for Cloud and online systems are endless. Using a blend of technology allows for complete removal of onsite servers and instead provides highly available, highly resilient systems that are not only accessible from your office, but also from anywhere else in the world! It’s OK to be wary of the cloud…. but if the above image looks familiar, your servers would be better off sitting here….

Server Room

For convenience, reliability and price! – It makes sense to transition from onsite servers to the cloud. Talk to us today