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Social Media is great….. within reason

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Information, Tips and Tricks

Social media is great…. within reason.

It can’t be denied. Social media is used across the world; for networking, catching up with co-workers, posting adds, blogging content… there are all sorts of business cases for its use.download (5) But, in many companies, employees can take liberties! How long do staff spend on Facebook during the day? Is it work related? Are they posting, commenting, speaking with colleagues or friends?….and is this where is stops?… With companies reliant on internet often great expense is put into supplying a good connection with high bandwidth to ensure staff can access the resources needed good strategies…. but is it always business content that’s being accessed? Time Management Does the internet go ‘strangely’ slow during the World Cup? Slow again during Wimbledon? – Odd that! What can be done? It’s important to know who, when, why, how long and how often the problem is occurring…. but very few companies have the ability to provide this information…. Until now… We have systems to implement granular controls enabling restrictions on which web content is appropriate and which is not. Would you like employees access at lunch time?… no problem. Would you like to allow Facebook read access… Yes, but not allow posting of comments…. no problem. Would you like to know if someone searches for inappropriate content! – We can do it. Weekly, daily, hourly and custom reporting detailing who, when, what, how much and how long…. all fully logged and HR compliant. Proxy Not only does this ensure great time management… it also protects against malicious websites by restricting and protecting your business from ‘driveby’ hacks and data breaches. Talk to us today for a free trial. You’ll be amazed at the results.