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How do you share sensitive documents with clients?

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

How do you share sensitive documents with clients?

We speak with many businesses and this question has interesting answers across all sectors.

Lawyers, Healthcare, Accountants, Charities, Schools. Almost every sector has sensitive information about clients or customers. It may not even be information classified as ‘sensitive’ but if it is not public, then it should be kept private.

Everyone produces information when working with clients and it goes without saying that, at some point, the information will need to be reviewed or edited.

How do you safely get this information to your client?

  1. Email? –it is not secure, when transmitted in plain text it is able to be viewed in transit.
  2. Post? – it is not secure in transit and can be lost, intercepted and viewed.
  3. Dropbox? – Whilst secure, data is held in the USA. Dependent on the nature of your information you may not want government bureaus looking at your files.
  4. YouSendIt? – Again, another USA company with data stored in the USA

How should we share sensitive documents?

Let us think about what we need.

  1. Security – Both in transit and at rest, and with appropriate certifications
  2. EU based – To ensure data is not exposed to US agencies.
  3. Simple – Neither your staff not your clients want to download applications before opening a document
  4. Automatic – With the best intentions, if security is manual it only takes one person to forget
  5. Reliable – It needs to work.

It should not be hard to find… but has been… until now.

Two separate solutions to address this problem.

  1. Email Encryption.
    Not a traditional manual encryption system requiring each user to have a unique certificated certificate pre-installed with exchanged keys…. blar, blar, blar.
    This is automatic, policy based, encryption. When your staff send an email, it is checked for sensitive content (for example, DOB, Credit Card, Bank Details, NI Number, Contracts, Attachments). Whatever your content we can make a rule so, when triggered, the email is seamlessly encrypted. If the recipient is an existing partner, the email will be automatically decrypted without them even knowing! Unknown partners will be directed to a secure, branded portal for email collection.This solution ticks the four points above, Secure, Simple, Automatic and Reliable. EU based is irrelevant as the data is never stored but instead sent directly to the recipient.
  1. Enterprise File Sync and Share
    Whilst Dropbox is secure and safe, it is not EU based. Our File Share solution is EU owned, managed and run. It is secure, simple, reliable and automatic.
    Simply find the file to share, then get the sharing link. Users will visit a secure branded portal to collect the document.

It doesn’t get more simple or secure than these.

If your client’s sensitive information is not in the public domain, be sure it is not your organisation which puts it out there!

Get a secure system for sharing sensitive documents with clients. Call FibreFly today.