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What is RaaS

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Information

What is RAAS?

Many will have heard of SaaS (Software as a Service)  – The monthly recurring fee cloud software packages: Examples such as Google Apps, Salesforce and WebEx. These are all SaaS offering.

Then there is IaaS (Infastructure as a Service) – The monthly rental of cloud hardware : Examples such as AWS and Azure.

And finally, Paas (Platform as a Service) – The monthly rental of hardware coupled with a system – such as hosted desktops.

But wait – Another shocking monthly service has emerged… RaaS – Ransomware as a Service!

With the amazing success of Ransomware such as TelsaCrypt, Crypto Wall, Locky and CryptXXX a new breed of service has been launched on the dark web.
For those of you lucky enough to have escaped attack and don’t know what this is; These ransomware viruses get onto your PC and encrypt every file they can lay their hands on! – Then, they scour the network and encrypts any network data, other computers, backup disks, USB sticks and more. Once all files have been encrypted, the virus asks for payment before releasing the decryption keys and releasing data.  It locks all files, everywhere, and it is very common to meet organisations who have had this problem.

How has it impacted so many businesses?

The original system was created by a group of hackers, however, not content with the success of blackmailing money from victims they moved on to licence the virus to others. Who in turn licensed it to yet more people on a monthly Ransonware-as-a-Service scheme!

Now kids with no hacking knowledge, simply login, define terms, payout ratio and resource usage. Then download the virus for simple deployment!



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