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Having problems with OneDrive?

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Information, Tips and Tricks

Using the Office 365 package?

Many organisations have already transitioned from their traditional on-site server to the Office 365 platform. This suite provides a host of great features and functionality: Hosted email, Microsoft Office, Instant messaging and Yammer to name a few and when implemented correctly, many of these features are fantastic for small and large businesses alike to gain affordable access to an enterprise system.

Where Office 365 falls apart is in the File sync and share application – OneDrive. From initial build it has been plagued with issues. OneDrive for home was not too bad but OneDrive for Business (bundled with Office 365) has been dismal.

OneDrive and OneDrive Business

Microsoft admitted the flaws and set about combining the home and business applications into one. This project has been ongoing for a number of months and has brought a host of new problems. Whilst there are more updates, changes and tweaks in the pipeline, to this day, the application does not work with MAC and the PC sync cannot be relied upon.

Where does that leave consumers?

Sync issues aside, the OneDrive application also lacks functionality to fully remove the need for an onsite server. It is a file collaboration tool… not a file backup and sync tool. Files stored outside of the OneDrive folder won’t be protected – locations such as desktop, documents, favourites and pictures!

This limitation often goes unchecked by traditional IT Support providers who are more intent on selling the low margin / high volume product. FibreFly (a Managed IT solution and support provider) works with customers and clients to supply the right products for their business.

What’s needed?

To remove the need for an onsite file server both backup of local files (such as desktops, documents, favourites etc.) as well as synchronisation of business data and projects is required. Our enterprise bolt on for Office 365 offers a unique, company branded website, making sharing files with customers simple and professional. What is more, the agent works reliably and is seamless across all platforms. Files are hosted in EU data centres, with 180 day deleted file retention and is simple and easy to use!


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