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What is your office internet used for?

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Information

What is your office internet used for?

Websites, Email, Facebook, Online booking….

Is that all?

Do you have office WiFi? Can staff connect their phones and laptops?

Opening WiFi on guest devices means businesses can lose control of what the internet is used for. Consider a home laptop brought into the office… what’s on that laptop? – Torrent software, rogue applications, viruses, malware?

We recently had a customer report loss of internet. Upon investigation, they had been allowing guests to connect to their internal WiFi and access the internet. One of these guests were downloading illegal movies which resulted in their internet service provider suspending the connection. It was a number of hours before connection was restored.Piracy

Whilst very disruptive for the company, it could have been much worse. Consider what content could be accessed by rogue systems: Viruses, Malware, data theft, illegal movies or content!

If your business provides guest WiFi; ensure it’s secure and filtered. Don’t risk damage to your company reputation. Talk to us today