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Dots in GMail

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

Have you received a message to your GMail account which doesn’t have the correct arrangement of dots?

Strangely, the GMail platform does not recognise dots as characters…so they are always ignored.

  • hom.er.j.sim.ps.on@gmail.com = homerjsimpson@gmail.com
  • HOMERJSIMPSON@gmail.com = homerjsimpson@gmail.com
  • Homer.J.Simpson@gmail.com = homerjsimpson@gmail.com

All of these emails will reach the same mailbox and you will still receive your email no matter what the dot combination.

BUT: This is not the case for Google Apps. This platform DOES recognise dots as characters and so they ARE included. Are you missing emails because of the dots?! If you would like to receive email with a ‘.’ included, speak to your IT support team.