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It’s a hot topic Business Continuity. So many options, so many decisions…..

This month we’re offering a completely FREE continuity assessment. We will look at business critical systems and processes, outline any weakness or pitfalls and which disruptions are most likely to impact you.

No business can afford to have staff being unproductive whilst waiting for systems to come back online. We’ve implemented solutions for companies across the country; big, small, large budget or no budget! Don’t wait until an outage impacts your business. Protect yourself now and there is no better time than to start with our FREE assessment.

“We don’t have time”, “We can’t afford it”, “Our Insurance covers us”, “We’re too small to need it”…. NONSENSE.

Business Continuity doesn’t need to be tricky or time consuming. It should work around your business to ensure that you are always able to work…. whatever the situation.

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” We thought in the centre of London we’d be safe from outage. When an electrical fault in Holborn caused a 36 hour fire, our building was left without power and out of action for almost two weeks! Thankfully, FibreFly had implemented a robust Business Continuity plan and staff were able to work from remote locations in a matter of hours.”


Business Administrator

“We are a small company and thought that Business Continuity was only for ‘blue’ chips. When we lost internet at our office we called BT. Two days later they sent out an engineer, who could not find the fault. The problem was escalated to another team who then attended site…. 10 days later, internet was restored!

We have now engaged FibreFly and they have implemented solutions to prevent against such disruption in the future. If only we had contacted them beforehand, a costly outage could have been avoided.”


Office Manager

“FibreFly explained how simple processes can bring great flexibility and continuity to a business. They are clear talking guys who don’t waffle and talk in jargon. We use them for a great number of services and their recommendations are always valued.”


Managing Director