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Business Email

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Tips and Tricks


Two incredible statistics:

  1. 80% of small businesses do not use a true business email address. Instead of using an email address sent from the company’s domain name “@yourdomain.com,” most small businesses send and receive emails from domains like  “@gmail.com” or “@yahoo.com.”
  2. Consumers are 9x more likely to do business with a company that uses a true business email address, than companies that do not.


What’s the major difference between the 20% of small business that have a business email and the 80% that don’t?

There are two main reasons:

The first is businesses that care deeply about their brand image and know it’s possible, pretty easy and inexpensive  to have email connected to their domain.  There is a misconception that domain-based email is an “enterprise only” service.

The second is that when companies start bringing on employees, they get a business email address. I think most small business owners are uncomfortable with the idea of employees conducting firm business from their personal email accounts. For greater security and control, business owners tend to move toward providing employees and themselves a business email address.


Do you have a company branded email address?

Getting a reliable business email address which will sync to your PC, phone and tablet is not expensive. If you are a start-up or even reviewing your brand image. We can help with a reliable business email system; Talk to us today